It used to be that there was a new “diet” trend every few years. But in our fast paced life packed with FOMO, trends are popping up every other day! The latest trend or buzzword is cleansing. A simple google search with the word cleansing, will pop up pages packed with ads of costly products and juices for sale, each claiming to cleanse your body and boost your energy. People jump from one cleanse to the next without the understanding or knowledge of the benefits of a true cleanse.

The questions to ask are: What is a cleanse? Does every person need to cleanse? Which cleanse is most effective and beneficial? Is a cleanse only based on juices? What are we cleansing?

While cleansing is the latest fad or trend, it isn’t new. Cleansing has been done for centuries and has been recommended by Holistic practitioners for many years. A true cleanse is detoxifying and removing toxins from the body, specifically the liver. It involves a short period of fasting and drinking specific juices, water, and may include herbs, supplements and teas. It will allow the organs to rest, stimulate the liver to eliminate toxins, improve circulation and increase energy since you are providing your body with healthy nutrients. The cleanse may also help with health issues including obesity, inflammation, fatigue, bloating, allergies, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases and other ailments. However, even though cleansing and detoxifying is beneficial and may help with diseases, it isn’t for everyone. (We are NOT cookie cutters and that goes for cleansing too. Change to All individuals are not the same, and that goes for the process of cleansing too) For example, a diabetic would have a specific cleanse based on those needs while someone with fatigue will have a totally different cleanse.

An effective cleanse for detoxification usually involves drinking fresh organic vegetable juices, fruit smoothies, water and tea. Lemon and ginger are usually included, as well as cayenne pepper and turmeric. But that is just the tip of the cleansing iceberg. A Holistic cleanse is about cellular rejuvenation and renewal and also includes Restorative or Yin Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and other stress lowering modalities. Equally important is knowing how to come off the cleanse and what to do following the cleanse.

In my quick research, I spotted so many different cleanses all promising health. Surprisingly one of the most popular companies selling a juice cleanse, offers a 3-day juice cleanse at $110 but the juices are NOT organic! It also offers a juice combination of oranges, carrots and beets – which is a sugar alarm. I’m sure you will agree that pesticides and sugar cannot be part of a healthy cleanse. A cleanse is beneficial when it is geared towards detoxifying the liver.
Advertised cleansing products and juices are overpriced and most are loaded with pesticides.

In conclusion, healthy cleanses are all encompassing, including meditation and yoga benefiting the body and mind. The most beneficial cleanses are customized and personalized based on the person’s needs. Therefore, it would be most beneficial to be guided through a cleanse by a Holistic professional who is knowledgeable and experienced in detoxifying cleanses.

About the Author:

Miriam Amselem’s specializes in wellness and lifestyle transformation through Nutrition, Meditation, Mindfulness, Stress Reduction, Yoga and Fitness.

As a Corporate Wellness Expert, Miriam has brought her programs to top companies and also works with private clients to customize a wellness lifestyle program.

As a Life Transformation and Transitions Coach, Miriam educates and treats the whole individual by taking into account lifestyle needs, setting realistic goals, and creating customized nutrition and fitness programs as well as wellness retreats. She has been successful in helping clients solve their fatigue, weight, digestive and hormonal imbalance issues, in order to achieve optimum well-being results.

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